The Ongoing Quest

The ongoing hunt for the ideal apartment is still … going on.

A few days ago I was set on returning to an old haunt at 20 Van Kiep St, from where the dogs had driven me in December.

In a disguised blessing, the apartment owner told me  –  a few hours before I was due to move – that the police hadn’t approved their application for me to move in. A blessing because, on reflection the apartment manager is too intrusive for my liking. An imp whose mischief borders on malice.

So I remain at 25 Quang Duc where I have spent 2020 so far, and where I’m paid up until May 3.

However, I’ve now decided that I can no longer bear the traffic and dog noise.

So I’m now on the hunt for somewhere which isn’t going to drive me  to distraction and crime. Somewhere a little peaceful.

It turns out it’s a renters’ market. With tourist numbers way down, manager are dropping their prices.

Two possibilities are afloat – Anh Phu apartments, a few hundred metres from here, and Home Vu, about 7 minutes’ drive closer to the city, and to my ‘Claytons’ job.

Both are at least 500,000 VND cheaper than here, and will offer at least some more peace of mind.

Less than three weeks and counting…

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