Yebbut Nobut

For a few hours I thought my troubles with a returning flight to New Zealand were over, with the below route from Ho Chi Minh City ( HCM ) to Singapore to Auckland.

So when the funds became available I paid USD 10.91, via Singapore Airlines‘ site to ‘secure the fare’. I have until August 6 to make full payment ( USD 865.xx ) for my seat.

But a flurry of emails to NZ officials overnight and today soon stopped my sap from rising.

It seems that while the flight is book-able, and they will take my money, thanks very much, it remains murky whether or not I could have transit-ed through Singapore. That is, gone through the airport without entering Singapore itself.

The NZ High Commissioner ( NZHC ) in Singapore is telling me no, Vietnam is not listed as an approved source ( outbound ) country for transit via Singapore.

The airline itself, Singapore Airlines, is telling me, yes, I will be able to transit provided the route is open. Singapore Immigration‘s website says as a NZ passport holder, I can transit.

When it comes to ease of befuddlement, I’m right up there. So small surprise then, that I’m now bamboozled.

The NZHC is telling me that Singapore’s National Carrier will be laying on the flights from HCM for the benefit of Singapore nationals, and not foreign devils such as myself.

And having been once bitten by the cancelled return flights in March, I’m now twice shy of stumping up more dwindling cash.

So for now, it seems I have no choice other than to take the word of the NZHC, and the cautions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here ( both via emails ) , and hold fire.

Today also happened to be due rent today for the apartment, so I laid down 5.1 m VND for monthly apartment, bike rental ( more later ), power, and water costs.

This hunkering is slowly but surely wearing thinner.

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