From 8,000 km away, I can see the frown from certain elderly people ( ahem ).

But that aside, I’ve ploughed bravely on ahead anyway and splurged on a new vaping kit, all in the interests of entrenching habits, you understand. Thar she blows below, on the right.

Vaping kits , old - left-, and new
The Frenzy, by Geek Vape, on the right of the picture

The old cheap kit was a serious stress, what with replacing the mouthpiece every few days, and forever refilling the damned thing.

One would think I would just give up smoking, and I will …. but not yet. There’s no such thing as Government-subsidised nicotine patches here in the ‘developing world’, so the only option is to attempt to import them, and for a pretty ransom.

This new kit actually packs a kick, so that a chap knows he has been smoking. Too many hoofs on the trot ( sorry ), and there are consequences.

It has good reviews, and is mine for a mere 500,000 VND, or ~= NZD 33.


If it was just about cost I’d just take up smoking again, with cigarettes here for 10,000 VND ( ~= NZDE 0.60 ) per pack. The rest of the cost back home is tax.

But I’ve not had a cigarette for several weeks, because they just trash me. I feel like dogfood.

So for now it’s the lesser of two evils, and promising myself that I’ll give up again in the relative ease of home.

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